1. The Saint and the Sinner
    The following story is about a young man, who is from a very influential family, in Los Angeles California. The family has been making wine for nearly 100 years. This young man after finishing college in Boston decides he would like to serve God. Being brought up in a very religious family, your Frank thinks that this is the only way he can be saved. Frank enrolls in a seminary in Boston, against his fathers' wishes. His father Antonio Vallo wanted his son to take over family business. In the seminary Frank learns a whole new way of life. In the seminary Frank learns to be humble. This is a real test for Frank for he always had everything he wanted. The test was getting to Frank, so enrolled in a self defense course, karate, which was of the many activates that was available. Frank wasn't a very big boy he was only 5' 10" tall and weighed about 165 lbs. This was one of the sports that was in line with his thinking. He always thought that a healthy body, would produce a healthy mind, and with a healthy mind, he would be able to gain perfection like the Master, Jesus Christ. In school Frank becomes most proficient in his academic studies and his newly found sport, Kung Fu. When the first semester is over Frank decided to take a bus ride home. Frank is picked up at a bus station by a truck driver, who is a rough dude, who likes women, wine, and songs; not to mention a good fight once a day. On there trip forms Boston to California there are many stops along the way. Every stop is an experience for Frank, for he feels it is his calling to help the demoralized get back to the right way of living. On the trip an unexpected thing happens, the young man get so involved in trying to help save souls, he almost looses his own. The wine woman and song get a hold of Frank for he enjoys this way of life. The driver of the truck, who at first appears like a lost soul, is greatly influenced by Franks constant preaching. Towards the end of the journey, the driver takes on all the characteristics of Frank and Frank seems to be taking on all of his bad habits. But in the final days the young man does reenter the seminary. After his entire only goal was to gain perfection.
  2. Ocean Harvest
    Ocean Harvest is the story of an Italian immigrant who came to America in the 1920s and quickly learned that money was very important to live the good life. Little Anthony Vallo grew up fast in Manhattan. He and his younger brother and cousin did many unscrupulous things to achieve wealth. As the years passed, he and his family grew, not only in number but in power and prestige. In the twilight of his life, he passed on the title of Godfather to his nephew. The nephew at first had great trepidation about this honor but finally accepted because he knew he could do great things with this enormous power. The Godfather had connections all over the world. He treated everyone with respect, and they grew to love him because they knew he was a man of his word. The newly appointed Godfather convinced all the other bosses in other states to change their ways of thinking. The economy was struggling all over the world, and he implemented many ideas to get people back to work. He truly believed he was chosen to finally bring peace to the world. He was right.
  3. Memory Man
    Excitement was in the air. A group of orphans were taking a plane ride to India, for a worlds fair. The plane exploded, all were feared dead. The hospitals were alerted to the disaster. One eccentric doctor was called upon to help; this unauthorized operation caused one survivor to have an extra ordinary memory. Foreign dignitaries became aware of this operation, and were now interested in this orphan. Matthew the recipient of his unorthodox surgery was interested in learning all he could, to help the world.
  4. Atlantis, the Last Testament
    Science has speculated about Atlantis. This book will bring you there. Their technology will amaze you, their religious beliefs will astound you. On the way to finding the truth?
  5. The Grandpa Collection Plant Series: Aloe
    *Book description soon
  6. The Grandpa Collection: London Travel Series
    *Book description soon
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